Ladies Denim, Twill or Corduroy Jacket

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This lovely denim or twill jacket will "dress-up" all of those denim and twill skirts.  Has long sleeves, buttons down the front and front pockets.  Sizes are: 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL.  Available colors are:  navy denim,  black denim, black twill,  navy twill or black corduroy.  None of the colors are shown.  If you see some other fabriccolor you would like, please make a note on the order form.  Also available in Ladies Sizes and Girls Sizes (without the pockets).  If you are ordering a dress and would like this jacket to match - please order and state you would like to match your dress.  Navy denim is 97% cotton / 3% lycra.  If 100% cotton is wanted PLEASE make a note on order.